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ctothebrinke . 3h
ctothebrinke Alias Investigations. Give us a call. Or don't. #seeyouinseason2

bechloe wut happens if i call that #

luzofrome guys i left a message

moxicity this is so cool, that is definitely charlie brinke on the recording and everything


equivocats season 2 can't come soon enough

karldoc67 At night you are the star Twinkling in the sky, and in the days you're the light illuminating any way. Two star shine Angel dominate your body. Illuminate the darkness, emanating light and tenderness. Complementary to your sweet smile, two stars They give light to my path. Constellations, light up my world. Its light is white and penetrating, its rays have come inside me to the depths. Should be eternal, His peace is bright. How is that despite being only your eyes its light is so bright? . In light of your beautiful eyes warm life, its brightness is a banner Without these stars there would be no life; without those stars my soul would wander lost. #princess

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