9:13 am - 10/23/2015

The Full Trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones is Bleak and Glorious

After those intriguing teasers released in the past month, Netflix has released the full trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones, giving us our first big look at the series... and it is dark.

The new show takes place in the same universe as the Marvel cinematic universe movies — The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, etc. — but you wouldn't think that right away after watching this trailer. Instead, Jessica Jones is, by design, a companion piece to Marvel and Netflix's first collaboration, Daredevil, which premieres its second season next year.

And for those of you who thought Daredevil was rough? Just watch as the series pits ex-superhero Jessica Jones (Charlie Brinke) against Kilgrave (David Tennant) — a nefarious villain with mind control powers, known to diehard Marvel fans as the Purple Man. Another Marvel universe staple, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), also makes his first appearance as the world weary bartender who discovers Jessica's powers and supports her through her increasingly dangerous struggle against Kilgrave. Patsy Walker (Rachael Taylor), aka Hellcat, is Jessica's beloved best friend and perpetually concerned roommate. The trailer also gives us a brief glimpse of Carrie Anne Moss as a genderswapped Jeryn Hogarth, the Hell's Kitchen attorney with serious connections to Iron Fist, another Marvel series set to be produced by Netflix in the near future.

Netflix premiered the first episode of the new series at New York Comic Con earlier this month, and, judging from the performances, the atmosphere, and the writing, the series has every chance to be as excellent as Daredevil. The first full trailer only lives up to those expectations. From an entire station of police officers holding guns to their heads to mass suicides-by-hanging, there's no shortage of stark imagery here, and we have to say it: this is the most compelling Marvel material we've seen in quite some time.

While at the annual fan convention's Marvel Television panel, Brinke spoke extensively on the privilege of bringing Jessica Jones to life: "This is such a dream come true for me. [She] has been the most rewarding, most challenging role I've ever tackled and I'm so excited that we're finally getting to bring her into the spotlight. Yeah, she's a superhero - more super than hero, if we're being honest - but she's also the most multifaceted, the most disastrously human individual I've ever encountered. In the pages of a comic book, the pages of a script, on screens big and small, she's unlike anyone I've ever seen. The whole Marvel element of her story means that the stakes are higher, the drama is amplified, but at the heart of it she's such a deeply flawed, fabulously layered character and I couldn't possibly be more excited to share her with the rest of the world. Not to brag, but this show is going to be completely unlike anything you've ever seen. She's completely unlike anything you've ever seen."

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on November 20th.