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Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke
Always pinky, never pink.
New York, New York
Joined May 2011
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ 11h P.S. I'm 32, ya fuckhead. #geriatric4lyfe         55         126        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ 11h @ceeloscello You're REALLY gonna hate the Luke Cage series. Mike Colter is old as fuck. That bitch is pushing 40. #luvumikey         39         140        
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u dont kno @ceeloscello ∙ 11h @ctothebrinke 33 is too old to start a new show for marvel         4         13        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ 12h Just another sunny afternoon in beautiful Hell's Kitchen...

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Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 21 #fresponsibility         5         43        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 21 This is what happens when I try to do what I think is best. I get punished. I meet Mel Brooks and then I have no pictures to show for it.         16         67        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 21 Re: PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!! I have no pics! I didn't have my phone on me all night. I thought I was being responsible.         5         37        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 21 Met Mel Brooks last night. No big deal. NO BIG DEAL, YOU GUYS. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. #leaveme         34         85        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 19 Don't trust the B in the Kissing Booth. #junestheworst #chloetakescali #sixseasonsandamovie

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Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 18 Just call me Tyra Wellick.         61         143        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 17 How many Jock Jams albums can a person own before it starts to get weird? Asking for a friend.         40         174        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 15 I hope you're getting all nice and ready for me, NYCC. I can't wait to get all up in you. We're gonna have a real good time. #brinkeswear         345         540        
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Rachael Taylor @_Rachael_Taylor ∙ Sep 15 First look! Bad ass gal pals. @ctothebrinke as @JessicaJones and Trish Walker @marvel @netflix #femaleheroesrule 💪🏻

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Scott Reynolds @jscottamy ∙ Sep 12 Dig @David_Tennant's haunting call in the background of the new @JessicaJones teaser.         60         83        
Charlie Brinke @ctothebrinke ∙ Sep 12 Aren't I a human being? Don't I yearn, and ache, and shop? Don't I deserve love... and jewelry?         65         189