"You think the four of you can save New York? You can't even save yourselves."

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TV TROPES // Quorra in Tron: Legacy
Don't Think Twice (CLIP) - Samantha (Charlie Brinke) and Jack (Keegan-Michael Key) practice channeling Katherine Hepburn and Liam Neeson.

Don't Think Twice (CLIP) - The Commune riffs on apartment hunting in New York City.

"Would you put day drinking under experience or special abilities?"
"Brinke anchors the film as a damaged woman who doesn't want to move on to the next level, who likes the scale of her life just fine." Vulture

"But for all the quips, satire, and comedic talent jockeying for attention, it's Brinke as Sam who gives the film its beating heart. As she recently proved in the Netflix series Jessica Jones, Brinke is an enormously talented and compelling screen presence. In Sam we get a lovely exploration of both the impostor syndrome that often plagues women in competitive environments as well as the bittersweet reconciliation of chasing what truly makes you happy rather than chasing some proscribed metric of success. Brinke and Micucci were the only members of the cast who didn’t have extensive improv experience, but you wouldn't know it." Vanity Fair

"Sam becomes a focal point of the story, and Brinke does strong work as a gifted performer who starts to realize that she might love improvisation as a form more than as a potential stepping stone. Brinke has less improv/sketch background than many of her costars, but she fits in perfectly during the performance scenes and anchors the movie in more serious moments - because Don't Think Twice is as much a low-key drama as a comedy. I'ts also a modest film, more sketch than detailed portrait. But amidst its hard truths about the odds of real success in a creative field, it's surprisingly effective at communicating, through Brinke especially, a kind of clear-eyed improv idealism." A.V. Club

"The cast is uniformly excellent; each of them must navigate shifts both subtle and glaring as the dynamics of their team and friendship mutate in the wake of success. Brinke conveys the most complexity - her Sam is young, but caught between the contentment of personal satisfaction and the promise of fame. Not only is she one of the funniest members of the team, but she can tell more stories with a subtle shift in gaze than most actors could with a one-man show." Consequence of Sound

"Brinke, an improv virgin, nails every nuance." Rolling Stone
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