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xochristy . 1w
xochristyb Found this on my phone the morning after my bachelorette party. @ctothebrinke @amybanana what the hell happened last night? Where did you get those?

lanalanalana there are a lot worse things you could find on your phone after a bachelorette party, c.

ctothebrinke we found bridesmaid dresses we can all agree on. that's what happened.

amybanana ^^^ what she said

amybanana don't we look darling?

ctothebrinke this is going to be the best wedding ever #christinaanddylan2k16

ctothebrinke also can we take a moment to appreciate that mom liked this photo? i think it means we have her stamp of approval on the new dresses....

loisjmullen @ctothebrinke Or it means Mom accidentally double tapped on yet another Instagram photo while trying to enlarge it.

ctothebrinke truuuuu

xochristyb no

ctothebrinke no to which part though?


ctothebrinke you're still hungover. i understand. you had quite the bachelorette extravaganza the other night. we can discuss the new bridesmaid dresses when you're feeling more yourself later, okay? okay. love you!!

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