legal name Tallulah Georgina Prudence McDonaghy (nee Lang) stage name Scout Lang birth date 31 October 1978 birthplace New York City, New York current residence(s) Lives primarily in Manhattan with her family; maintains part-ownership of Lang family properties in London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, St. Moritz, and Wellington. occupation Filmmaker relationship status Married to Darsy McDonaghy (4/4/2013) children Darry Charles and Radley Becket Kemper (b. 5/21/11), Laura Marianela McDonaghy (b. 2/23/13), William Arthur McDonaghy, Jr. (b. 10/1/14)

"They'll come when they come, Rebekah. You can't force nature to cooperate with your schedule, you know. They'll come whenever they're ready."

Becky Lang had grown beyond exasperated with hearing that phrase by the time her water broke one muggy October evening, catching her entirely by surprise as she aimlessly mulled about some lavish industry costume party being held in honor of everyone's favorite ghoulish holiday. She'd been decked out in an elaborate lavender fairy princess costume (on loan from one of Gabe's favored costume designers, of course) which had caused her to anxiously spend the better portion of her night bemoaning all the ways in which she felt her shimmering, fluttery attire only exacerbated the inevitable enormity of her protruding pregnant stomach. She wasn't due for another three weeks though, all her doctors had assured her of that much. This wasn't supposed to happen, she wasn't supposed to be huffing and puffing and screaming obscenities of the most explicit degree for another month. And yet her shrieking blonde bundles of joy, Tallulah and Marcus, had gone off and done exactly what she'd been repeatedly warned of: they came whenever the hell worked best for them with no regard for starstudded Halloween shindigs or one-of-a-kind designer fairy wings. And if you were to ask anyone who knows Scout, the petite girl who arrived three minutes before that brother of hers, they'd surely tell you that her grand entrance was as blatantly foreshadowing an entrance as you'll ever get.

The two children were born into the third generation of a family proudly rooted in the prestigious world of the filmmaking elite, the newest additions to a world of alleged "Hollywood royalty". Their father, Gabriel Lang, had been an esteemed stage actor-turned-filmmaker, largely known to possess the heartbreaking combination of lofty expectations, icy stoicism, and zero tolerance for failure or excuses. Gabriel was a classically trained actor who regarded his career with utmost seriousness, behaviors he owed largely to a life spent as the son of two beloved film stars. Tess and Stephen Lang met and fell in love while on set of their very first film and their illustrious performance resumes had garned many accolades as dearly beloved Hollywood stars in their prime, and later on earning them their places as bona fide acting legends from the late, great golden era of film. However their mother Becky was an entirely different story. Rebekah Dodds enjoyed a youth in which she was continuously showered with words of praise and adoration, growing up to be the pride and glory of her proud home in Louisiana. A successful teen pageant queen, she stubbornly dropped out of school halfway through her junior year, instead opting to set out for California in the hopes of achieving her glittering daydreams and seeing her name in warm, glowing lights. Instead, Becky Lang made a name for herself amongst the absolute campiest of "scream queens", steadily building up a resume of low budget horror flicks, perpetually running in horror from zombies, serial killers, monsters, aliens, and the occasional murderous monster from Mars. The glory days of her late teens and early twenties were spent coated in bucket upon bucket of sticky fake blood, her ears forever ringing with her most bloodcurdling shrieks of horror.

And Scout? Ever since childhood she'd wanted nothing more than to step into the business that had given her family such dazzling significance, at least where the entertainment field. She wanted to astonish and entertain just as her parents and grandparents had done for years and years on end, just as her older siblings Nella and Derek were starting to do themselves. As cliche as it sounded, she wanted in and she wanted it bad. And at the tender age of 14, Scout's wishes were finally starting to be realized as multiple impressive auditions earned her the role of Rayanne Graff, Angela Chase's wildly rebellious best friend in a new teen drama entitled "My So-Called Life". Like many of her castmates, Scout had only just begun to appreciate what life as a teenager really meant for her generation, though it became clear that the cast of youthful newcomers was hardly damaged by any youthful inexperience and its mere one season run was more than enough to catapult the show into the realm of outstanding, provocative teen programming. Scout took immense pride in her contributions to a show which was frequently dealing with topical-yet-controversial issues like school violence, poverty, family structures (abusive parents, divorcing parents, single parents, absentee parents, etc.), homophobia, shifting social allegiances, pressure to have sex, the public school system, substance abuse amongst teens, and that memorable first love.

As far as first projects go in the entertainment industry, to this day Scout insists she hit the jackpot. Her father, however, couldn't have disagreed with her more. As his teenage daughter grew older, so did the intensity of their disagreements. Gabriel took no pride from watching his underage daughter portray a character as vulgar and obscene as Rayanne Graff was and it took less than one full episode to convince him that his daughter was making a mockery of her talent and the family she had come from. In fact, had it not been for Becky's pleas on Scout's behalf, Gabriel would have exercised his parental rights in having Scout barred from appearing in the program entirely. Following roles in Lolita, Almost Famous, and The Rules of Attraction, films steeped in matters of sexual deviance and promiscuity, did nothing to pacify the rift father and daughter. To this day Scout has no idea what her mother said to ensure that her father would let her continue as Rayanne, but it certainly came at a price. From that point forward, Gabriel maintained a complete and utter lack of interest in Scout's flourishing film career. No words of praise or support when she took home the Golden Globe for her role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous, nor did he ever so much as acknowledge any feelings of pride or affection when Scout's forays into screenwriting directing were met with much praise and critical acclaim.

The more distance between the two, the deeper and deeper Scout delved into habits of self-destruction and denial, increasingly relying upon her self-medicating drug and casual sexual encounters until Scout Lang had earned herself the tabloid-appointed moniker "Slut Lang", a fullblown Hollywood trainwreck who really had such potential if she could just get her act together for once. Topless photo leaks, explicitly irreverent interviews, drunken disagreements with bar patrons and paparazzi, a string of meaningless flings and one night stands, etc. And that was only the beginning of Scout's litany of reckless offenses. As time passed her trespasses grew in frequency and severity until a serious ultimatum was posed by an unimpressed director: go to rehab and get the help you need or you're fired. Scout decided on the former, realizing that her life of excess had ceased to bring her any real happiness or enjoyment many years prior. Her life was in need of some drastic changes and she needed to be the one to take the first step towards making it happen.

Though the difficulties of motherhood, marriage, divorce, and sobriety have all been thrown into Scout's already demanding lifestyle, she's made it clear from the start of her almost twenty year old career that she has every intention of continuing to pursue her work within the film industry. Today, Scout has managed to cultivate her seventeen years of filmmaking experience into a substantial presence within the entertainment community, both on screen and off.

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